Photography is about reflecting who you are, at your best. You want to share what's important to you with the whole world, and I can make that happen. The photos you'll treasure your whole life aren't the unnatural poses with faces pointed at the camera. When you look through your memories years later, what you want is something that will bring you right back to how you felt that day. Your fingers brushing across your new husband's face as you gaze up at him, the fire in your eyes the day before your big game, the look that charmed everyone, and the spark that just lights up the room. That's what you need to capture, and for that, you need a photographer that doesn't see you as just another shoot.


Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Hufford

Karen & Caleb said "I Do!" down in Wavery, KS in October. They had a beautiful ceremony full of family and friends and tons of laughter between the two of them. They were a very fun couple and I wish them many years of happiness!

*wedding photos here*

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