About The Photographer

Welcome to Dancing Man Studio! I'm Jade Hisey owner, professional photographer, abstract painter and creator of unique gifts here in the Topeka, KS area. And yep, that is me on the right.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by art and photography. I started photography as a hobby in 2003, but it wasn't enough. After I photographed my first wedding and got to see the reaction and the enjoyment the photographs gave the newlyweds, I was hooked.

Even though my passion is to create great images with you, it's not always as easy as just clicking the shutter at the right moment. Besides the technical side, I also do a lot of research on trends in photography, pop culture, business and even current wedding trends. This all goes into keeping your photographs looking their best now and even into your children's old age!

However, that is just the work I do between and during sessions. After is where the fun really starts! Turning your photographs into a work of art! Even the simplest enhancing techniques can make an image pop or adding fun effects like a splash of color, adding distress or adding design to snap your focus! Though I go even one step further. Blending photographs together to make everyone look their best, removing any blemishes, stains or even a bus if that's what it takes to get you that perfect image.

But all that and more is just a small portion of why I love doing what I do! And I hope that I may be lucky enough to help capture that magic for you as well one day soon. Thanks for coming by!

Past activity from the studio

2003 - Started Photography as a hobby.
2006 - Awarded 1st Place in Photography and Paintings at  Aaron Douglas Art Fair, Topeka, KS
2006 - Art Exhibition - New City Cafe, Topeka, KS
2007 - Art Exhibition - Lola's Coffee House, Topeka, KS
2007 - Moved to Kansas City, MO
2008 - Goetze Dental Quarterly, Photography used.
2008 - La De Da Winter Website Banner, Photography used.

2010 - Photos for Haiti, Raised $110 for Save the Children Haiti's fund
2010 - Emfluence Business Trade Proposal, Photography used
2010 - Zombie Invasion - Promo event for studio
2010 - Go Pink October - Raised $145 for Susan G Komen for the Cure.
2010 - Art Exhibition - Chez Elle Art, Kansas City, MO
2011, Feb - Art Exhibition - Prospero's Parkside Books, Blue Springs, MO
2011, June- Remember Joplin, Mo - A Day of Photography
2011, July - Underwater photography ready!
2011, Oct - Awarded "Best Over All" GenKC photo contest photo of Kauffman Center

2012, Jan      - Awarded "Best Wedding Photographer in Shawnee" by Thumbtack for Affordability
2012, Jan 20 - Awarded "Photo of the Day" for "Natural Bells"on ExploreMyKC.com
2012, Feb 20 - Awarded "Photo of the Day" for "Enjoying the Sun"on ExploreMyKC.com
2012, May 1 - Awarded "Photo of the Day" for "Baby Geese"on ExploreMyKC.com
2012, May 11 - Awarded "People's Choice" for "Baby Geese" in contest.
2012, May 20 - Awarded "Photo of the Day" for "Growing up Geese"on ExploreMyKC.com
2012, May 25 - Published in Explore My KC book for the 5 photographs below:
Curious Pup, Lordship's Chair, In the Reflection (portrait), A walk in the Field (portrait), Kauffman Center Glows

2013, Jan 14 - Sold at Riverfront Station Art Gallery in Topeka, KS
2013, Oct 10 - Moved art to and has a Permanent space at Trails Gallery and Market in Topeka, KS

2014, Feb 7 - Prepping a studio space at Trails Market & Gallery.
2014, May 4 - Awarded "Top 10 Runner-up" in Travel Photo Contest with Wolfe's Camera for "Playful Chipmunk" photo
2014, June 9 -Awarded "Grand Prize" in Get Downtown Topeka's 2nd annual photo contest for "Ghost Dancer"

2015, Sept 26 - Awarded "Favorite Piece" in Babes & Gansters Erotic Art Show for "20's Babe #1"


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