About the Photographer and Studio

Who is the dancin' man?
My logo has been deemed “The dancing man”. Though it is thought that he was connected to Kokopelli, the native American flute player, he is not. Sorry for any misunderstandings.

How long have you been doing photography?
I have been doing photography since 2003. In the beginning I was only doing black and white artwork and working in a dark room. Though I loved the work that I did during this time, and the special effects that I did, like simbotia, I moved forward with my photography and started shooting digitally. Since then I have been editing in Photoshop. Even though I shoot mainly digital now, I still see use in keeping my film camera around.

During my time I spent in the dark room, I shot mainly nature and skin. Since then I have been doing portraiture and events, like Weddings. Before starting Dancing Man Studio in 2009, I have refined my talents more so in this area. I still occasionally continue my old artistic work, and occasionally will display them in a gallery or for a Frist Friday Event.

Why is there a different or no signature on some of your photographs?
For a bit, I was undecided on a name, but still wanted a signature. The photos that have the Dancing Man Signature on them is the most resent work that I have done. Those that have two signatures on them or no signature on them are ones I have done for agencies.

Photo Shoots

What do I need to do to prepare for my photograph session?
If I am doing portraits for you, please make sure to bring any addition material with you. A short list of things you may consider:
    Make up
    hair brush and other hair accessories
    Any props you would like to use (Sport equipment, instrument, letter jacket, ect)
    A change of clothing

What types of clothing work well?
Keep it simple. Solid colors usually work the best. Also try and stay away from brand names or logos visible on the clothing. I don't want your clothing to over take who you are, and also, whats popular today, may not be in a few years.

Should I bring anyone?
This is entirely up to you. The more people fussing over one individual the more chances there are for delays. I do, however, encourage you to bring someone you can be yourself around, even if this person is the one that stands in the back ground making you laugh. Again, the more personality you can bring, the better.

What happens to my photos after they are finished?
After you recieved your photos, I put them in storage to keep them safe for long term. These can still be accessed if for any reason you lose or damage your CD of photos, I can retrieve them for you (for a fee), even years after your session. Your memories will always be safe here.


Who's taking my pictures?
Jade Gliser. Owner and creator of Dancing Man Studio.
~ A pleasure to meet you.

Why does it cost so much for Wedding photos?!
The common idea is that we snap the photo and put it on a CD for you. However, that's not where a photographer's job ends. We do a lot of work behind the scenes to make your photos look perfect so your memories can be shared and remembered years down the road.

Here is a short break down how the process works with average times:

    Photographing your "X session" - 1hr
    Enhancement of "X session" - 10-14 day
    Wedding Day photos - between 6-12 hrs
    Enhancement of Wedding Day Photos- 30 - 40 days
    Preparing your custom wedding day photo album - 1-3 days
         Average time spent on a wedding: 42 - 57 days approx 8 hrs / day

And just a rough break down of the above, for our cheapest wedding package price of $850, we are working for about $2.50 per hour, not to mention our costs. We do this for you, our client, because we feel that each one of your memories is worth capturing and we are lucky enough to be allowed to do so.