Why Hire Dancing Man Studio

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Oh my God! I love them!  Wow! I look amazing!

If you're looking for that "wow factor" with a creative edge, my years of training and exploring the world of photography and photo enhancing will aid in getting you the images you want and capturing your special moments in a way you and your family can cherish.


Today's economy has everyone wanting to save and get more for their money. You will get more then a portrait studio at the mall here, and get to let your personality shine! What could be better then that? Our pricing is very strait forward. No hidden costs, no extra fees unless you want to add on to your package, and incentives!

All sessions come with High Resolution Digital Negatives with printing rights so you get to save extra there as well!


  • 10% off your session if you write a favorable review and post it on your blog, personal or business site and link to my website and facebook page (and send me a copy so I can post it on the website!)
  • 10% off your session if you are military.
  • 20% of anyone's first invoice if they say you refereed them to me!
    You can earn back your entire photo shoot's cost! That's close to getting free photos!

Time Friendly

The digital age is a wonderful thing, especially as time is always hard to come by. I do my best to keep your experience as easy for you as I can so that you can view your images at your convenienc

Proofs within 48 hours of any session or event in a private online album.

Facebook Viewing during Enhancing Process and so you can tag/use them before you get them!

Download your images after they are finished being processed.

Fast turn around time. Portraits to you in 2 weeks, Weddings in 4 weeks.


I am always looking for ways to better myself. One of those ways is entering contests to test my skills against others in various areas of photography. My frist recongizble award was in 2006 by winning first with a portrait of a child at the Aaron Douglas Art Fair in Topeka. After that I was busy in shows and building a better portfolio to bring to you today. The next contest I entered was in 2011 with GenKC and Kauffman Center, winning "Best Over All" for an abstract photograph I took during the event. I've also recieved many awards from the ExploreMyKC project and was published in a photography book about Kansas City in 2012. Since then, I have been working with a couple of galleries in my hometown of Topeka to disply my work and to build a larger fan base and create more wonderful photographic art for familys.