Studio Changes


I have moved back to my hometown of Topeka, KS and readjusting my contact methods. As I move forward with updating all the info both on my site and other various locations on the web, this is now the correct info:

Phone: 785-851-8116

Address: 109 N Kansas Ave, Suite #2, Topeka, KS 66603
(Inside Trails Market ‚Äčand Gallery on the 2nd floor. Apt are still highly suggested.)

my email address of jade@dancingmanstudio is still working, or you can click on the "contact me" button to the right.

Service Areas now include, but not limited to: Topeka, KS; Hoyt, KS; Holton, KS ; Meriden, KS; and still serving Kansas City and Blue Springs area on requests.

I applogise about any interuptions these changes have had on my service to you, and actively working on getting everything updated. If you happen to see my old contact info listed somewhere other than my website, please feel free to email me a link to help me get all locations fixed promptly.