Day of Mini Sessions

$10 for a 15 min mini session at Gage Park, Sunday May 21, 2017. 2 web downloads with print release. Book in advance is recommended.

Won, "Favorite Piece"

September 26th, I took part in an erotica art show with some boudoir work I did with 2 great models. Katy E and Katy B. With their help, Lisa Boyd of The Merchant in downtown Topeka, and a couple of really awesome guys that let me borrow their toys... a 1970's chopper (Katy E's boyfriend) and an unreferbished Model T Ford (Rick Evans) we created some great pieces!

Topeka & Surrounding Area High School Seniors

I am looking for some awesome High School Seniors from the Topeka and Surrounding area to help me out and be an ambassador.

What this means to you?

Vacation Notice Nov 15 - Nov 29

I will be closed for my vacation from Nov 15 - Nov 29. I will be reopening Nov 30th and will be getting back to those that have contacted me while I was away.

I am very excited to be marking off a life long goal of going to Peru and because of the remote location I will be in for the majority of my trip, I will not be reachable while I'm away, but feel free to drop me a line or email any requets and I will get back to you as promptly as I can when I get back.

Vacation Notice

I will be closed Aug 22 - Aug 28, as I will be out of town for family. I appologise for any inconvinece this may cause. Please feel free to email me with any questions about booking and I will get back to you as soon as I can or after I reopen on Aug 29th. Thanks!

Why only a few edits?

I get this question quite often...

"Why can I only choose 5 (or 10) edits from my session?"

Tutorial: Auto Resize Images in CS4

This batch action will let you resize an entire folder to a *smaller* aspect ratio. I use this action to make my photos smaller and more web friendly in prep to load my photography work to my website, or to other third party sites like facebook. Again, this saves time from doing it by hand and makes upload and load time faster. I also would suggest reading my post about Auto Rotating photos. Doing these two together, makes life so much easier, I think.

Tutorial: Auto Rotation Batch Action CS4

I would like to share with you how to Auto Rotation of Images. This function will take images from a folder and rotate them to the correct format for that entire folder and save you a lot of time. You can see below that currently all files are set to Landscape, when only the last one should be. This function will pull all images from a selected file to turn them to the way they should be with little effort and a lot of time saved.

New Wedding Package

I have created a new wedding package for those wanting very basic cover. Wedding Silver Package. It will includes 4 hours of wedding day service and an engagement session with the CD of photo. This package is new to the line up and is prices at just $630. This is an great deal for those having a small wedding coming up! Contact me today to book your wedding!

New Photo Session!

Over 2013, I received lots messages about "Oh man! I missed your last special! Whens the next one?" Well, I can't always give out specials, because then, well, they wouldn't be special anymore! So, I decided to add a couple of new things this year to hopefully help those that don't want to wait on a special, the first one.....

Introducing *drum roll....*


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