Vacation Notice

Closed for the holiday Nov 27 - Dec 3.

The holidays are fast approaching and this year I will be closing for a longer period due to holiday travel to visit family. Due to this, I will be slower to respond to emails and calls and will not be able to shoot until I reopen on Dec 4. I apologize for any incontinence this may cause and highly suggest that you leave a message (by phone or email) for me if you are needing photography done before Christmas.

Chicago 7/1 - 7/9

Hello Lovelies!  Quick heads up, I will be closed from Sunday, June 30th - Wednesday  July 10th due to a work trip to Chicago to help out a fellow Photographer. It will be some long days working a Taekwondo tournament, but I think it will be fun, and I hope to be able to see some of Chicago while I'm there.

I would still love to hear about your weddings, events or portraits that you are interested in doing. Email me any questions and I will reply the best I can while away, and will make sure to reply to everyone as soon as I'm back open on July 10th.

Have a wonderful day!

Mission Charity / First Downs for Down Syndrome

On Thursday, I was greatful to help a nonprofit charity by photographing a "thank you'' happy hour for past and current fundraising chairs that are helping to create events for raise money for Down Syndrome. I was very happy to meet such amazing people during and captured a few photographs of the happy hour and the fundraising chairs.

Kansas City Auto Show

A Busy week at the Auto Show and with the Ford Girls. Though the photography session with the girls had to be short so they could get back to their booth, I think we got some great group photos of them along with a photo of them with their favorite Ford Car! (Photos and more Info inside)

Riverfront Station 802 Art Opening

Last night my husband and I were able to make it back to our home town of Topeka, KS to go to Riverfront Station 802's March First Friday event and was very impressed. I was displaying some of my artistic photography and a few of my paintings and jewelry items from my gift section, but there was lots of other artists on display.

Vacation Notice

Its a very exciting time for me and I can't believe its so close now!I will be getting married to the love of my life on Oct 6th and

You Pick The Subject!

Time for a fun project and this time I'm asking for your help! What would YOU like me to photograph? An animal, a building, a festival, its your choice!


I was out shopping when my phone buzzed in joy with some exciting news. The email I received was from Explore My KC to inform me “Your in the book!” though it didn't inform me which photo I submitted made the cut, the simple fact that I was getting published was excitement enough! Tonight, I finally...


Miss Independence

Kendell Lopez, Race Car Driving Beauty

Katelyn Payne, Model Success!

Last night I heard some exciting news from Miss Katelyn Payne and her mom, Donita.


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