Be Our Valentine?

A Day of Photographing Love in the Park, Loose Park. Get Professional photos of you and the one(s) you love before heading out to dinner!

Photo Of The Day

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A Few Changes!

We are busy working to make your experience better while exploring the website and have more information for you while you are looking for a photographer!

Holiday Special

Holidays are fast approaching and families are starting to gather. Don't be left out of the family photos this year!

Children Portraits

How much do you normally pay for your family and children's portraits every year? Over the last year I have been talking to parents to see what they normally pay the chain portrait studio's at the mall and it has ranged between $300-$800 for about 3-4 set poses and a handful of prints.

Whats the difference between them and us?

Price, Quality and Quantity

Underwater Photography

If you have ever seen the beauty that can be done with underwater photography you would understand the draw to be able to shoot in this environment and how few photographers have the capability to do so. 

Dancing Man Studio is proud to announce that we are now able to do such photography and very excited to get our feet wet and have tons of ideas!

If your in the market for Underwater Photography, please contact us to schedule a session today and be on your way to having creative and unique portraiture for a family photo or modeling portfolio!

Remember Joplin, MO

Come, lets update your family's photo albums!! Get your Sr. Photo! Want to try out modeling?! Or to save money on your engagement photos?! This would be a perfect opportunity to save some cash, help out a neighboring city and get awesome photos and meet Dancing Man Studio (if you haven't already)!!


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