Tutorial: Auto Rotation Batch Action CS4

I would like to share with you how to Auto Rotation of Images. This function will take images from a folder and rotate them to the correct format for that entire folder and save you a lot of time. You can see below that currently all files are set to Landscape, when only the last one should be. This function will pull all images from a selected file to turn them to the way they should be with little effort and a lot of time saved.

Rotation Correction
If your are use to creating Batches and just want to skip everything, with a fresh image already open, make your new batch, Ctrl + S, close, stop recording, run. If this is your first time or you would like more explanation, please read below.

To start, you will want a fresh images that have not been messed with pulled into Photoshop. This should automatically turn it to the correct dimension, and is very important. If you open an image while "recording" later, it will screw up the process and it will not work properly.

1. On your History pallet, there should be a tab for Actions. Click on that.

2. (Optional) I find it easier later on to make a new folder for my personal actions. To do that, click on the folder icon at the bottom, and name it. For this, I created “Hello World”, but normally I put the ones I create into "My Actions"

3. To start your new process, click on the “Create New Action Button”. This is what will start creating your Batch Action, and a new window will pop up asking you to name the action.

4. Since I'm trying to rotate the images, I will be naming mine "Rotation Correction". Name it something useful, and set it to the correct folder. I’m again, using Hello World for mine. Click “Record” when you are satified. Doing so will light up a red circle on the Action Tab. All actions will be recorded now.


5. After we get to this point, it’s fairly simple. Ctrl + S to save (or save as you normally would). After you finish the saving process you will see “Save” now under your action. (like img on left)

6. Close the image, by clicking its "X" will show "Close" under save (right)

7. Click the “Stop Playing / Recording Button” to the left of the red record button. (circled on the image to the right). Congrats! Your Batch Action is now ready to use.

To Use:
1. Go to File > Automate > Batch. This will pop up the Batch Window that will have your new file (if you made one) with the action. If you didn’t make a new file you may have to click on “Actions” and scroll down to find it. You can then choose what folder you want to batch rotate. You can click on the “Choose…” button to find it in your folders. When you have the correct file name shown, click ok.


2. After you click “Ok” it will start working on the folder, until the last image is finished.  The process will automatically stop when no other images are left in the file to process. You can go back to your folder to find everything as it should be. All images that should be portrait should now be, as the same with landscape.

Anyways, I hope this helps you save some time in the future, and that I explained everything well enough for you! I will later post on how to create a Batch Action to resize photos in prep to post online. So stay tooned!