Why only a few edits?

I get this question quite often...

"Why can I only choose 5 (or 10) edits from my session?"

You know youself, your family, your child/children best. Everyone likes different things and different styles. Understanding that, I include the number listed on the session details to ensure you get, say, your top 5 favorite photographs edited. After I know what ones you love, I go back over your photos, and pick out those that I find too cute, adorable or awesome and edit for you as well. You get the final say on the finished result too. If you think you want one as a black and white photograph, I'll change it, and keep the one in color for you as well. So, in all reality, you will get more then the 5, or 10, or however many is listed to the photography session.

But, what happens if you fall in love with more than just the amount it comes with your session, or after the edits are done there was one you decided you really did like?  Not a problem at all. You can add edits to your session for $7 per photograph.

And, what makes it even better, all edits, the edited photos you picked, and the ones I did, all come on your CD with the print release. You don't have to choose your favorite ones that were edited. You get them all.