Welcome to my gifts! I offer truely unique and one-of-a-kind gift that can be customized to fit the person you are shoping for. These gifts are signed, hand crafted and local to fit your special needs. Contact me if you have any questions, or stop by where I sell at to take a look at some of these pieces for yourself.

Info is included in each section. Just click on the type of gift you are looking for!

New Sections coming soon!

Dancing Man Studio is happy to accept payment by:
Cash, Check (made out to Dancing Man Studio), or Credit Cards.

Happily Selling at:
Trails Gallery 109 N Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66608
The Jaded Cricket on Zazzle

Creating unique gifts for all. Contact me with questions or for more info.

Can't decide on what you like? I do gift certificates for any and all sections of Dancing Man Studio & The Jaded Cricket! Just email me what you need!