Abstract Paintings

One-of-a-kind, free formed, abstract paintings are made to strike emotion and feeling that vary differently from person to person. It is the colors that we love (or hate) that make us feel and the brush strokes that give these paintings emotion. These unique additions to any home will sure to be a topic for discussion for years to come and are affordable enough to give as gifts!

My work is currently on display at Trails Gallery in Topeka.

Buying & Custom Orders: Prices can range between $35 for small single canvus paintings to $900 for large multi-canvus pieces. You can buy my work that is on disply at Trails Gallery or directly through me.  If you can not make it out to the gallery, I would be happy to email you images of what I have currently have for sale or make you something custom.  For custom orders, you get to pick the size(s), number of canvuses and color pallet.

Price on Custom Orders vary depending on size and the amount of canvas used. Expect about 7 business days for your painting to be completed and available for pick up; longer if it needs shipped. When placing orders or inquiring about a quote, please make sure you give me include the details so I can better quote you a price.

  • Color Pallet (2-4 colors on average)
  • Size/Number of canvas
  • Is there a special occasion you are celebrating with this piece of art?
  • If you need it shipped, if so, where to?
    • price quotes will include shipping costs

Payment is due at the time of order.

To buy artwork directly from me, please email me with the name of the piece so we can arrange payment and how you would
like to recive your art (mail or pick up).

Note: These are free formed paintings for an
individual. Each piece is unique to itself and
is not duplicated at any time.
If you like a
certain look I can do something similar but I
will not duplicate a piece I have already done.